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Mobile dental clinic donated to Smileawi

https://wonderful.org/appeal/mobiledentalclinicfundraiser-fe197da1We are delighted and excited to have been given a mobile dental clinic for use in Malawi by NHS Highland . This is a lorry with a self sufficient functioning dental clinic with a small waiting room. The lorry will be of invaluable use in Malawi with our aim being that it will be able to help support the local workforce and provide preventative and simple restorative procedures for the rural populations who have no access to dental care. We are fundraising to cover the cost of its shipment and stocking it with dental materials. Smileawi Spanners plan to carry out some repair and servicing on the vehicle which will incur some costs but ensure it will be in tip top condition when it reaches Malawi. In order to reduce the environmental impact we hope to fit solar panels and a water filtration system and are looking for help in these areas. Dental truck