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Another successful Smileawi trip

2 teams totalling 14 volunteers have returned safely after nearly 5 weeks in Malawi. In the hot and dusty conditions with 9 dentists and 4 dental nurses we saw 1765 patients in 15 different locations around Northern Malawi and extracted around 3000 painful teeth, making many people pain free and more comfortable than they had been in a long time. This year we had the added bonus of Alan Stewart retired mechanic from Dunoon who although was willing to roll up his sleeves and learn to sterilise our instruments was put to much better use fixing hospital vehicles which have been off the road for a long long time. With the help of very generous donations from Arnold Clark Alan put 5 ambulances back on the road and we have no doubt this will save many lives.
Smileawi would like to thank our dedicated volunteers for all their hard work and to all our donors and supporters.